Why do you need a survey?

We are all familiar with the old saying ‘as safe as houses’ and generally speaking property has proved to be a very sound investment in the long term. It has been said why bother with a survey? the house has been standing for many years and it hasn’t fallen down yet! This is however over simplistic; things aren’t that black or white. Firstly you need to be sure of the type of property you are proposing to purchase, some property may be obvious, new, detached 3 bedroom two storey house built by a reputable builder and covered by a 10 year National House Builder’s Council or Zurich Guarantee together with a full specification of its construction. However in the UK the housing stock is extremely varied and diverse, properties of all ages vary in construction and condition.


photo3Each type of construction can be subject to building failure in time but often not apparent to the layman. Over the years property might have suffered failure that has been disguised, covered up or incorrect structural alterations carried out affecting the integrity of the building. Perhaps inappropriate roofing materials have been introduced during a re-roofing programme in relationship to the integrity of the original roof framework. Older properties may be subject to damp for a variety of reasons resulting in underlying failures such as wet or dry rot. Widespread wood boring insect might affect a property. Many old or ancient buildings are listed and you may not be fully aware of all the implications and responsibilities let alone begin to recognise the type of failures that might have occurred.


20100709_01These are just a few of the reasons why you should employ a qualified Chartered Building Surveyor who is familiar with the type of property and area you are proposing to purchase, and give you a completely independent detailed assessment acting solely in your interest. Chartered Building Surveyors are recognised as the world’s leading property experts and are regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), identified by the familiar Lion’s head logo. At Parsonage Ward & Co, Neal Reynolds has over 35 years experience surveying all types of property in the Westcountry and has specialist knowledge regarding historic and listed buildings including stone, cob and thatched houses. Neal is a Chartered Building Surveyor and a Fellow Member of the Chartered Institute of Building, and a Fellow Member of the Association of Building Engineers.


With something as important as your property purchase you are invited to speak to Neal for advice and a quotation for a property survey without any obligation whatsoever; fees are competitive and free from VAT. Contact Neal by telephone on 01837 880222 or through the enquiry form.